Saturday, April 7, 2012

Instant Rewards Review

Here is my honest review of Instant Rewards compared to Zip Nada Zilch. I will start off by explaining how the programs work for those who are unfamiliar with them, and then I will begin with my review.

Instant Rewards and Zip Nada Zilch or ZNZ are two of the many online affiliate programs available. Affiliates must complete one credit worth of the offers and will receive payout when each referral signs up for an offer. The great thing about these affiliate programs is that some of the offers are FREE, (and affiliates like FREE signups and offers). They are both highly recommended for affiliates because anyone can join, (you don't have to have a website or apply for acceptance into the program), and they payout quicker than the MAJORITY of affiliate programs.

With the starter sites for each program the payout is usually $20 per referral. Alot of people ask how these companies are able to give participants these $20 commissions from a FREE signup. It's simple, ADVERTISING. Instant Rewards and ZNZ make thier profits off of advertising with only BIG NAME companies. For example Netflix, Credit Report, Neutragena, Proactiv, Sony, Discovercard, Blockbuster, Direct TV and Walmart (Just to name a few). These big name companies can afford to participate in very costly pay per click and pay per lead advertising agreements. YES, that means that these big name companies pay hefty prices just for exposure and "potential" customers. Instant Rewards and ZNZ site owners in turn pay out a portion of their commissions to participants, as an incentive to refer more "potential" customers. (Free Offer = Potential Customer)

The Instant Rewards affiliate program is very similar to ZNZ's program with a few minor differences. First off Instant Rewards has a greater quantity of offers with 54 to ZNZ's 29. This is obviously alot more convienient, as your referrals will have nearly double the amount of offers to choose from to get started. Also, Instant Rewards has more free offers with 7 to ZNZ's 2.

Affiliates who participate in these programs know that how quickly referrals receive their credits will affect how quickly the programs pay participants. Instant Rewards has 48 programs that credit instantly to participants accounts compared to ZNZ's 25. Instant Rewards offers payouts through Paypal, Direct Deposit (Yes, straight into your bank account!) or through custom orders (Submitting a request to the admin of whatever prize you would like. For example Ipod, Laptop, Blackberry, etc). ZNZ offers payouts through Paypal, Alertpay, Check (Mailed to your home address) or custom orders. Both of the programs offer great support and ease of use.

From personal experince I can say that Instant Rewards pays quicker than ZNZ, although both of them have the quickest payouts in the industry. It usually takes 1-2 calendar days (not business days) before I receive payouts into my paypal account from ZNZ. With the Instant Rewards program I have always received my payments into my paypal accont the same day they are requested (usually within 4-8 hours). I haven't requested a payout using any other payment methods than paypal, so I am not able to speak on those.

Also, more people have heard about ZNZ already. Its all over Google and Youtube. I have more trouble getting people signed up for ZNZ b/c many people are already signed up for it. It's been around longer which is good, but that also means that the probability of gaining "new" leads is much lower with ZNZ, which kind of makes it harder to make commissions.

So overall, (for me at least), Instant Rewards is a better affiliate program than ZNZ and an excellent way to make money online. Click the links below to sign up for either of these programs.

*******IMPORTANT: These programs only allow one account PER HOUSEHOLD. Do NOT attempt to sign up for multiple accounts with either of these programs. The administrators will flag your account and place it on hold. No credits will be received if your account is on hold. Please do not take advantage of this opportunity***********

Zip Nada Zilch

Once you get signed up just shoot me an email to if you would like some tips on how to market these programs. I have been using these programs to make money for about 2 years and although I'm not getting rich off of them, I do make a pretty good amount of cash without much effort. Also ask me about sign up bonus cash and extras. Best wishes on your affiliate journey!